Hi, its me..

For the last 6 years I've been lucky enough to photograph literally hundreds of weddings in all kinds of amazing places and build a career spending beautiful days with wonderful people, being creative, making friends and crying at wedding speeches. I've worked hard to create a business, approach and unique style that I and my clients love, and now I can't imagine ever doing anything else!


I'd love to share a little about my inspiration, family and fave things to do with my weekends off..


My husband Matty and I met 13 years ago through friends and our little whirlwind Elsie arrived to complete our triangle family in 2014. We live in Nantwich, Cheshire, in a 1906 Edwardian house that we've been renovating together for 6 years -  we're SO close to done now! Long time instagram followers of mine will have been subjected to lots of before/afters and paint colour polls! We also have an anti-social cat called Stevie who only uses us for food and heating.

Elsie is the inspiration behind me really getting excited about photography.. and realising the shooting style I love - soft, natural moments that showed her little personality. It was posting pics of her that got me shoots with other families and eventually into weddings. She's so interested in cameras which is super cute, I'm secretly hoping for a future Horton & Daughter photography duo!





I wasn't always a wedding photographer - I worked for an IT company for ten years before realising the job that has brought me so much happiness and satisfaction. It took a huge leap of faith to get here but its continued to pay off, and is also why I'm so passionate about helping other photographers get on their feet (see my mentoring page).

I've also worked in a chippy, a hairdressers, and waited on - which I was terrible at!  

When I'm not working you're most likely to find me hanging upside down at aerial yoga, wild swimming, or just floating around the lake on an inflatable flamingo. We love walking, camping, catching the sun rise or sunset in some awesome places and paddle boarding. I'm always happy to give something new a try! 

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Some things about me...

- I ran a marathon in October 2021 to raise £1500 for Ovarian Cancer Action following my mums diagnosis -

 - I've been vegan since 2018 -

 - I taught myself photography on an entry level camera from Currys - at some point I'll share some of my questionable early images! - 

- I've been alcohol free since 2020 - I can't cope with 3 day hangovers anymore! -

- I enjoy most things crafty/creative and will give anything a go - I'm currently enjoying calligraphy -


 - I've been named as one of the Top 50 Wedding Photographers for 4 years in a row! - 

 - Some of my closest friends are also wedding photographers.. Community over competition -  


So that's pretty much me and where I'm at behind the scenes most of the time! I feel super lucky that I have a job that I can be completely passionate about, allows me to spend time with my little family, and means I get to make so many wonderful new friends along the way. 


If you're getting married and fancy a chat about weddings / photography / marathon training / paint colours I'd love for you to get in touch! xx