• Sarah Horton


Monica and Steve celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in June and after some discussion on what to do to mark the occasion, they settled on a family photoshoot in the woods.. it was their 'wood' anniversary after all! Monica and I know each other firstly from school but also in recent years through our passion for photography so she let me know they'd got some ideas and we arranged a date!

Everyone dressed up for the occasion and we headed out to a quiet little woodland area Monica, Steve and Tobias visit often out past Bridgemere. The place was absolutely gorgeous when we arrived, I can't believe how well hidden it is and how many beautiful little spots there were to shoot. We talked about their Cornwall wedding while we wandered and Tobias helped me out with deciding where to stop for pictures, obviously taking after his mum's love of photography!

I absolutely loved working on this... a very happy happy anniversary <3