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Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Hello!! I thought I'd squeeze in a little post before wedding season kicks off for this year to tell you a bit about me and life behind the camera! I'm not particularly wordy - I much prefer pictures! - but I'll give this a go!

Image by Jessica O'Shaughnessy Wedding Photography

So this is us.. I met Matty 9 years ago through friends & we've been a little team ever since! We got engaged on a gorgeous summer evening walk up Bickerton hills in 2013 and Elsie was born in 2014. She's my fave little person in the world, a bit wild, and hates sleep (yawn!) but so so sweet and clever, she truly has me amazed every day.

Matty & I got married at Wrenbury Hall, in Nantwich, joined by Elsie & our nearest and dearest. For us it really was about sharing the day with everyone we love so much, and having been a bride before I became a wedding photographer I really know how important it is to be able to spend time with your wedding guests, rather than being whisked off for hours having photos done. I totally miss wedding planning - though I remember how stressed I was! I see so many gorgeous days when I'm working I wish we could do it all over again.. I'm working on persuading Matty we need a 5 yearly vow renewal! <3

Elsie is the inspiration behind me really getting excited about photography.. and realising the shooting style I love - soft, natural moments that showed her little personality. It was posting pics of her that got me shoots with other families and eventually into weddings. She's so interested in cameras which is super cute, and constantly sets her little teddies up for photo shoots. I'm secretly hoping for a future Horton & Daughter photography duo!

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Personal
Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Personal
Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Personal

We live in Nantwich, Cheshire in our currently half renovated 1906 Edwardian house. When we're not each working on our own businesses (Matty is an amazing plasterer in case you're looking for one!) we're working together on the house. Previously the house belonged to Matty's gran and its where he spent lots of time growing up, so its really special to us that we've been able to move into here. It's definitely been a labour of love, and almost 2 years in we've still got some rooms that are knocked back to brick, but it's been so so worth it especially now it's really starting to feel like home. I think my shooting style influences the way we've chosen to decorate too.. I've been mindful of wanting it to feel bright and airy at home, just how I like my photographs to look!

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Personal

I worked in IT for ten years prior to taking the leap into full time photography (best decision ever!) and now I'm out shooting or I spend my editing days either in my little home office, or more often than not at a desk that I rent in a design agency in Nantwich called JG Creative which is a fab little space where I get to be surrounded by some incredibly talented creative minds. I love hearing them talk design, business and ideas, it's such an inspiring environment and I find I'm so productive when I'm there - and they love poring over the wedding images that I'm working on!

Between Elsie, work, and the house we don't get a lot of spare time, I've tried to think of something fun and exciting I can say I do when we do get some downtime but in all honesty I pretty much lay on the sofa binge watching Grey's Anatomy and shovelling down maltesers! I do like being outside as much as possible and I tend to arrive super early for pre-wedding or family sessions, or hang around for a little bit afterwards.. it gives me a chance to scope out places for the session, but also just to take some pics for myself too whenever I'm out.. I've got my swans pic printed and up in our hallway!

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Personal

So that's pretty much me and where I'm at behind the scenes most of the time! I feel super lucky that I have a job that I can be completely passionate about, allows me to spend time with my little family, and means I get to make wonderful new friends along the way. <3

If you're getting married and fancy a chat about weddings / photography / Grey's Anatomy I'd love for you to get in touch! xx


I wanted to squeeze this extra little bit in, as I get lots of questions about my kit when I'm at weddings, and actually lots of my couples are really into photography too. One of my lovely past brides is now one of my photography buddies and will be assisting me with some shoots in 2018! I shoot on Canon cameras, 6d & 5diii bodies which are usually strapped to me on a harness (six magpies), and I use Sigma Art prime lenses which I absolutely love! Prime lenses allow me to let in as much light as possible in my images and is how I create a soft dreamy look. My absolute fave is a 50mm and I use that for most of my wedding days.

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photographer - Personal

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