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Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 2018

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Every year since starting out in photography, and especially since shooting weddings, I see a list that gets published online naming the Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the UK for the current year.. I'm always struck at the amount of talent on there, and each time I see names of photographers who I've met and attended their workshops, and have seen take to the stage to talk photography. Some of the photographers in that list have played a huge part in making me believe it was worth keeping at in the early days, teaching me key parts in running a business or learn a particular lighting set up, and just being all round inspirational.

Being on a list like that is like, absolute goals.. so you can imagine my absolute shock/excitement/disbelief when last month I got an email letting me know that this year I'm on that very list! I couldn't believe it.. and didn't at all until I saw the list published a couple of weeks later. I was so convinced someone had been pulling my leg that my heart was in my mouth when I actually scrolled down the article, and they didn't just put me in there, they wrote such lovely things too!

''..her stunning portfolio, a dynamic collection of shots that show off Sarah’s eye for the most wedding-photo-album-worthy moments of her special days and the abundance of creativity that’s made her an easy choice for our Top 50.''

There it is.. my name in shining lights - not really but it feels like it! The journey from picking up a camera that I knew nothing about to here and in the Top 50 just feels completely crazy, its been intense, theres been more hard work than I ever imagined, but I've had the BEST time and could not do any of it without all of my amazing clients! <3 Lots of tears and happy dances!

P.S. You can see the full list here..

P.P.S. yes lots of prosecco was drunk ;)

Cheshire Wedding Photographer Sarah Horton named one of Top 50 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK

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