• Sarah Horton

Wedding planning: colour inspiration

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Eek pretty colours!! Have you picked your wedding theme yet? When we were planning our wedding it was one of my favourite parts to do.. I spent many an hour on Pinterest poring over all shades of bridesmaids dresses and flowers! it's probably one of the first things you'll think about, maybe even before picking a venue. Your colours will be on your save the dates and invitations, in your dresses, suits, cake, flowers and table dressings!

I get to see so many lovely weddings with all of the parts so thoughtfully put together, so I thought I'd share some of my faves!

West Tower Cheshire Wedding Photography Pantone Ultraviolet

Small details on your wedding cake that hint at your colours are a stunning and simple way to dress a plain cake that I've seen at lots of weddings this last year. I love these purples and wonder if I might see a lot more of them this year since Ultra Violet has been named Pantone's colour of the year for 2018.

Sandhole Oak Barn Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette

If your wedding is taking place in a marquee for example the light open space serves as the perfect chance to use some bright, bold colours that might not otherwise fit well with a stately home venue that already has lots of colour in the decor. If you've imagined your day with a luxe feel, richer colours will look gorgeous, and if you're looking for a romantic atmosphere lighter colours work perfectly.

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Pinks

You might already have a favourite colour or flower to base your day's theme around, or have found inspiration in your venue. ​I know when we first started looking I'd seen a specific bridesmaids dress that I loved and used that as a starting point. I used Pinterest to search for dresses in a similar colour in order to see how it looked with different flowers and suit colours and stuck them all together on a board so I could look at everything as a whole.

Styal Lodge Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Blues

Factor in formality when thinking about colours too, a black tie wedding will have a very different feel to a rustic barn wedding and your colours are likely to reflect this too. Likewise, the time of year you get married might play a part especially if its in the autumn or winter!

Delamere Events Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Pinks

Using your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets on the top table during the meal and speeches is a perfect way to make the most of them and adding all of the extra flowers and colour looks gorgeous in photographs too!

West Tower Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Pinks and Greens

Theres lots of places to look for colour inspiration, wedding mags, blogs, Instagram. It's also worth looking at the colours in your home too, there will be some obvious faves around the house and your wedding photographs will fit perfectly on your mantelpiece and walls for years to come :)

Sandhole Oak Barn Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Blue and Peach

My photography style is very light and airy and my couples book me because they want that feel not only in their photographs but often for their day too, which means I tend to see lots of light pastel shades, baby pinks and blues, and very simple whites and greens. I know I've got some weddings coming up in 2018 with varying pastel shades in their bridesmaids dresses which is gorgeous.

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Blush

I absolutely love seeing how everything comes together on the day, I normally chat with my couples about their themes in the run up to the wedding.. I love hearing everything you've been up to in planning for the day and am always happy to recommend some fantastic suppliers too if you've not found one or there's something you have in mind that you cant find.

Sarah Horton Cheshire Wedding Photography Colour Palette Buttonhole

Heres a little look at that Pantone colour of the year I mentioned earlier too! Can't wait to share more wedding colours and themes in my blogs as I go along through 2018! <3

Pantone Colour of the year Ultra Violet

I'm a multi award winning Cheshire wedding photographer with a love for light, airy images <3 If you'd like any more info I'd love to hear from you!